Gear – Jackson Kayak: CoosaHD


Jackson Kayak Coosa HD

When we were trying to decide what kayak was best for our trip, we had a few criteria to keep in mind.  We needed the kayak to be able to haul a lot of gear, as well as be fishing friendly.  The kayak also needed to be able to navigate rivers and turn easily in the water.  Additionally we liked the idea of getting a kayak that was wide enough to allow for standing and fishing at times, but I will go into more of that later in this post.

Being that we started planning this trip in 2011, we bounced around from kayak company to kayak company weighing all our options.  We looked at cheap routes and even top of the line kayaks.  We first thought that the Wilderness Systems were gonna be the direction that we wanted to go.

The Tarpon 120 Angler or the Tarpon 140 Angler was originally the plan, but we decided that we wanted a kayak with a bow and stern hatch.  Being that we needed to haul 7 days worth of gear and some water for the beginning of the journey, we decided that we wanted to store as much of our equipment in the kayak that would could.

In comparison on max capacity, the Jackson CoosaHD also beat out the Tarpon series with a total payload of 425lbs.

Jackson Coosa HD Specifications

Length  –  12’1
Width  –  34
MSRP  –  $1749
Total Capacity  –  425 lbs.
Weight  –  78 lbs.

Open Water  –  4.5 Stars
Lake Fishing  –  3.5 Stars
River Fishing  –  5 Stars
Maneuverability  –  4.5 Stars
Speed  –  3.5 Stars
Stability  –  4.5 Stars
Standability  –  4.5 Stars
Tracking  –  3.5 Stars



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