Gear – Delorme inReach



When we started planning our trip down the Pecos River, we knew that we were gonna want some type of satellite communication device.  Knowing that we would not have cellular service during the entire duration of our trip, having a way to check in with our family or contact emergency responders was very important to us.  We looked at many options and did some research on a few different products and ended up narrowing it down to two different devices,  The Spot Gen3 and the Delorme inReach SE.  Both products had the features we were looking like trip tracking, a text out feature as well as the important SOS button for emergency situations.

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Gear Prep – Milk Crate

MILK CRATE PROJECT  [Dustin’s Kayak]


Initial Planning

I wanted to be able to store some easy to access items behind me for our trip down the Lower Pecos River (GPS, Delorme InReach, Extra Fishing Tackle, etc.)  so I did a ton of research online and found items like the YakAttack BlackPak but I didn’t want to spend the money on an expensive storage solution so I decided to build my own!

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