Gear – Goal Zero Solar Panel


If you read the section about me, you know that I make my living documenting and capturing the outdoors.  In order to document our trip down the lower Pecos River, I had to find a solution to charge my devices while in the middle of nowhere.  So obviously the only way to accomplish this on the river would be with solar panels.

It didn’t take much research or shopping around to decide that Goal Zero products would be the best solution for our trip.

Toys Need Power

We will have multiple devices on the river that will need to be charged at some point.  Things like our DeLorme Inreach SE, Garmin GPS 64st, GoPro Cameras, Canon DSLR batteries as well the Dark Energy Poseidon battery boxes.

Before we put in on the River, all devices will be charged and ready to be used.  Our Dark Energy Poseidons will have enough power in them to charge most of our devices for a majority of the trip, but in the event that one of the Poseidons go dead, the Nomad 7 solar panel will be able to recharge them during the day on our kayaks (Our Jackson CoosaHDs actually have a place to secure the Nomad 7 solar panel on the bow hatch).

**insert image of panel on kayak**

In order to charge all my devices on the go, I made a waterproof box with a waterproof port that allows a cable to be run to my devices from the solar panel.  Please see my Charging Box Build Article for additional information.

Nomad 7 Panel

The Nomad 7 Panel was the best option for us based on the size and price point, at 9 inches by 17 inches unfolded and $79.99 per unit. It’s ultra lightweight and portable, weather-resistant and it can charge electronics via USB or 12V car charger.

The Nomad 7 Panel can also be chained together to another panel to increase overall output to our devices.  Knowing this, my Dad & I decided to each get one for our kayaks to charge different devices as well as chain them together at stops and at camp in order to increase the output and speed up recharge time on our devices.


Final Thoughts

Please visit the following blog posts that relate to our electronics and the process and products we use to charge them.


I will end up doing a more detailed review on this product after we use it on the river, so please watch for the follow up article in the future.




Goal Zero Website
Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel


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